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How Many Dogs in a Sled Team?

What is Sled?

Also known as a sledge, a sled is a traditional vehicle for people that live in cold areas. It has been in use for a long time in history in areas where it snows heavily. The science behind the use of sled is that sliding on snow is easier than walking on it. This is why the smoothness helps in movement across the snow. Sled reduces the friction and gives a sliding push to the vehicle. This is often compared to skiing. But, one should note that, unlike skiing, a sled uses animals to push forward. These animals are not regular pets but animals that survive in the cold climate. Usually, special breeds of horses and dogs are there that people tie in front of the sled.

Sleds are not used in every kind of terrain. People prefer if the ground is quite plain and devoid of trees. A usual sled can carry 3-4 people. Adding too many people on a sled brings with it the danger of breaking the layer of ice. This is how one determines whether it is safe to travel by sled or not. The depth and strength of ice help determine it. It is interesting to note that sleds can also run on wet ground and mud due to a similar nature. They were a common means of transport in snowy regions a few centuries back. But in modern times, special automobiles are there. People only use it as a leisure and fun activity now.

How Many Dogs are there in a Sled Team?

Let us now have a look at sled dogs. Although as mentioned above, there have been many special kinds of animals to lead the sled. But, dogs have been the most popular choice for this. The dogs used for a sled, are stronger, bigger, and faster. They are also specially trained to be able to pull a sled. Such dogs have been in use for thousands of years in such snowy regions. They had been trustworthy companions. At most, the countries where such sled dogs have been in continuous use are many. Some of them are Alaska, Siberia, Greenland, etc.

In fact, in many parts of Greenland, they are still in use. When it comes to the number of dogs that are there in a sled team, it varies between 3-12. On an average basis, about 5-6 dogs are often always used. Depending on the size of the sled, distance to cover, and people to carry, it varies. If there are two persons, one or two dogs might suffice. While if there are 4-6 people, at least 3-4 dogs are there.

Although many special breeds of dogs are there to include in sled teams. But, on a common basis, Eskimos are the frontrunners. They are the best breed of dogs to use as sled dogs. One dog is easily capable of pulling 80-90 kilograms of weight. They are visible in Canada and America. Another famous breed is that of Siberian huskies. They are also well known for this role. Although many people also use them as pets nowadays, they are still in common use in snowy regions.