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Green campaign celebrates World Environment Day.European election campaign event in Lille
Hélène Flautre, the top candidate for the region of north-west France, has planned a final meeting of national and
New Gallup poll too good to be true?
A telephone poll published on June 2nd on behalf of the European Parliament, which was carried out in most of the 25 EU member states, predicts even better results for the Green parties in the European elections than previously
The Italian Greens are “against Bush, but not against America!”
The Italian Greens will take part in the large public demonstrations planned for this Friday in Rome against US
In a symbolic act, Kathalijne Buitenweg and Bart Staes, top candidates of the Dutch Groen Links and the Flemish Green Groen! from Belgium, presented a joint European election program at the border crossing of the enclave 21 renewable energy sources for the 21st century
At the international conference for renewable energy in Bonn today, the European Greens called for a global energy industry that is fed 100 percent from renewable energy sources. >>