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Renewable Energy

Develop 21 renewable energy sources for the 21st Century
Greens call for 100% renewable global energy economy and 21 renewable energy sources for the 21st century at international conference on renewable energies in Bonn
Greens back new film for raising awareness of climate change
The European Greens have given their backing to ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, a new film dealing with climate change, saying that it will raise awareness of the potential consequences of climate change.
Airline passenger data transfers
The European Parliament’s Conference of Presidents today decided that there would be an extraordinary meeting of the Parliament’s legal affairs committee on 16 June to discuss the question of airline passengers’ data transfer to the US.
Proposals ‘for the Europe of tomorrow’
At a summit ‘For the Europe of tomorrow’ the EuroGreens outlined an overview of their work in Brussels since 1999 and presented a ‘contract for Europe’ for the five years ahead. In front of 600 people the top candidates for June’s elections were presented alongside a new set of campaign posters.
Les Verts launch European campaign in Paris
The French Greens launched their campaign for the European elections in
Paris today. The top-candidates for the eight French regions
were joined by Daniel Cohn-Bendit, top candidate for the 1999 European
elections in France and now top-candidate in Germany.
A Common Manifesto For A Common European Campaign
We Greens want the EU and all of Europe to make a difference for peace, solidarity, respect for diversity and equity in an increasingly fragile and divided world